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Sunday, July 20, 2008


ABC'S I was tagged back in June, sorry I was in AZ, so here it is.

A. Attached or Single- Attached, to my husband of 6 years in August
B. Best Friend-My husband and Candy Keller(a friend in Anthem, AZ).
C. Cake or pie- Defiantly cake, I hate flaky pie crust.
D. Day- I don't have one right now. It will probably be Tuesday because that is Jarom's day off from school.
E. Essential item - the computer. It is my life link to my family and friends.
F. Favorite Color- pink
G. Gummy bear or worms- Worms, they aren't as hard to chew. I like the neon one's with the sugar coating.
H. Hometown- Mesa, AZ I was born and raised. Moved to Anthem, AZ 2 years after I got married.
I. Indulgences- Massages, back when I lived in AZ and had connections.
J. January or July- July, I hate the cold!
K. Kids - Saige 3, Savannah 18months)
L. Life would be incomplete without- Family
M. Marriage date- 08-08-02, coming up!
N. Number of siblings- 5 Kristy 33, Robby 31, Sandy 29, Amy 24, and Holly 20. I think I got all the ages right.
Oranges or apples- oranges
P. Phobias or fears- terrified of spiders
Q. Quote - I don't really have one.
R. Reason to smile- my family
S. Season- Spring, perfect weather to be outside.
T. Tag-Maren, Mikelle, Sarah B.
U. Unknown fact about me- This is my first time living in an apartment complex.
V. Vegan or oppressor- Oppressor. but I don't eat very much red meat.
W. Worst habit- yelling.
X. Xrays or ultrasounds- ultrasounds.
Y. Your favorite food- cookies, I eat them almost every day. I make cookie dough and freeze it, so I can have warm chocolate chip cookies when I want them.
Z. Zodiac Sign- Gemini


Aut said...

Wish we could have gotten together while you were here--I'll look forward to your dec visit!!

Sundi said...

I just love reading these things on peoples blogs. I love the fact that Candy is one of your best friends. She's so great!

Nikki said...

Fun facts! Hope your summer is going well!