The Wingert Family

Jarom, Jewly, Saige, Savy, Lucas and Levi

Friday, December 11, 2009

Saige's Preschool Christmas Performance

Saige's preschool put on a little Christmas program for the parents. She learned Joy to the World, Away in a Manger, Hark the Herold Angels sing and Happy Birthday Jesus. She did such a great job she even made me cry when she sang the song below.She even learned sign language to go along with the song. She really was a STAR! There is another video I will try to upload later because it is really long. Her class

Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving!

Saige had a Thanksgiving feast at her preschool and I got to go eat with her.
This is her dress, hat and necklace she made.
Getting ready to eat

Her class
This year was my first Thanksgiving away from my family. I missed them very much and am Thankful I got to spend 27 Thanksgivings with them. We always go shooting and ridding in the desert, eat a turkey lunch, nap, play badminton, then eat desert. This year I called to hear all about it.
I am also thankful for my hard working husband who went back to school to better provide for our family. I am Thankful for my 2 beautiful and healthy girls. I learn something new from them everyday. I am thankful for this experience I have to live in Tennessee. I am learning and seeing things I wouldn't in AZ. Like fall colors!

Jarom cooked the turkey, sweet potato casserole, corn on the cob and stuffing. I made the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. The meal was delicious!
The fully cooked bird and the proud cook.

The food before we ate.
My plate


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A few new Pictures!

We are getting family pictures taken when we come home for Christmas, but needed one before then for our Christmas card. We went to Portrait Innovations and came out with this.
Savannah was just too cute, so I had to get this one. She turns 3 January 14.

This is Saige's preschool picture taken 2 weeks ago.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

Halloween this year was full of activities and parties. We decided to all dress up this year as characters from Alice in Wonderland. Jarom was the Mad Hatter, I was the Queen of Hearts, Saige was Alice and Savannah was The Cheshire Cat.

On Wednesday we went to Our ward's Trunk or Treat and Carnival.
Here are the girls playing games.
Bean bag toss
The cake walk

Face painting
Trunk or Treat
The loaded pumpkins
On Friday we went to the Collierville Town Square for some trick or treating, only it was raining and very cold outside, so we only hit a few shops then went to...
Gymstars Halloween party.
The Cake walk
Pumpkin bowling

Swinging into the foam pit
Savannah hanging on the bars
Both girls hanging
Saige's favorite the balance beam
Savannah also tried it outThe bear walk on the parallel bars
On Saturday Halloween night we went to the Germantown Carnival. They had hot dogs, popcorn, drinks, games, bounce houses, and live music. It was the best party!
The bounce house
Savannah caught one
ski ball
ring toss
Finally at 6:30PM we went to the Wright's house for a party and trick or treating.
The first house.

It was cold so Saige had to wear a jacket.

Some of our group that we went with. We really had a ton of fun this year and got a lot of use out of our costumes.

Until Next Year

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For school Jarom had to attend TANA(Tennessee Association of Nurse Anesthetists) in Nashville and I went with him. We had April (thanks again) watch the girls for us. This was our first trip away from the girls in 3 1/2 years. We needed it!
Jarom only went to a couple of classes, then we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with Lance(a guy in his class) and his family. After that we went to the Opry Land Mall and did a little shopping.
For dinner we went to THE WILDHORSE SALOON. They have live music, dinning, country line dancing and pool. We had a blast! It has been a long time since we have gone out dancing. We are making it a point to go out more after this.
The stage.
Jarom learning the line dance.

Me dancing

The next day Jarom went to a couple more classes then we drove around Franklin and came home. Franklin was beautiful I would love to live there.