The Wingert Family

Jarom, Jewly, Saige, Savy, Lucas and Levi

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kids pictures

I have had the hardest time getting all three of the kids pictures, so I took them to get them taken at Lucas photography.

Lucas 18 months

What Lucas is 18 Months!
 He weighs 24 pounds and is 33 inches tall( 43% for weight and 75% for height)
He Loves mac and cheese, popcorn, flavor ice and milk. That is pretty much all he eats. He is the pickiest eater. He won't even try new foods, he just throws it on the floor. His favorite song is Springsteen by Eric Church, he sings whoa-o-o whoa-o-o all the time. It is so cute! He climbs on EVERYTHING. He LOVES water and likes to play in the kitchen sink. He doesn't talk much, so we checked out signing time from the Library and he Loves to watch it. He signs a lot to communicate with us. He signs milk, more, food, banana, candy, apple, hot, and a few others. He can say ball, dog, car, cat, hot, pop pop(Popsicle), bye, hi, mom, dad, sissy. He understands when we talk to him and ask him questions, he will shake his head yes or say no. He Loves big trucks and yells and points at them while driving in the car. He still Loves to dance and listens to music.
Today I did a mini photo shoot with him inside.


he Loves to listen to music on my phone Springsteen was playing and he was singing whoa-o-o

His friend Finley(only 1 day younger)
 climbing in the pantry
 hiding under the table
 he smiles for me when I pull out the camera
 slip n slide with dad
 anytime the computer room door is open he is at the desk pushing buttons.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

water slide 7/4/12 at

Lucas and Saige going down the water slide at the pool. Lucas kept going down he Loves it.

Fourth of July 2012

This year for the Fourth of July we went swimming at Wilson's pool from 11-3pm. Then we got ready and went to the Reyes's house with the Truman's, Arnold's and Diamond's for a BBQ and had our own fireworks show.
Here the girls are at the pool.
Saige going down the water slide
 Lucas Loved the slide.
 This is what I get when I try to take Luke's picture
He does not sit still and is always on the go.
 The girls with their American girl dolls in matching outfits.

We gave Lucas a chip hoping to keep him still long enough to take a picture and here he is choking on it.

 Family snap shot.
the girls with Brody watching the fireworks.
Scott the man who supplied the fireworks.
Lucas dancing in the van.

Nichole, me, Raina and Kim
Jarom put one in upside down and tried to kill Everyone. Good thing he did not succeed and Everyone was OK.
The boys...Marcos, Brandon, Jarom, Paul and Scott.
The last picture of the night. Stefanie wasn't outside when we took the other one, so we had to get one with her in it.

4th of July 2012 at

Lucas dancing and our firework show at the Reyes's house.