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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Saige's 1st Day of Preschool!

This year Saige is going to preschool at Central Day School Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30AM to 2:30PM. Then she will go to dance(tap/ballet) on Friday. The school is only 2 minutes from our house:) I can't believe she will be in kinder garden next year.
Saige 4 years old 1st Day of preschool .
Savannah posing with Saige
Arriving at school.

Walking down the hall to her classroom
Putting her name on the chart, so her teacher knows she is here.
Hanging up her back pack and lunch
Playing with play dough
Savannah so sad after we dropped Saige off. She wanted to stay with her.
This is her when I came to pick her up ready to go home and yawning. It was a good day.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 7 Year Anniversary!

We'll another has passed and I am still in Love with the man I married 7 years ago. This year has been tough with him back in school, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. We have learned and grown allot this past year. Thank You Jarom for working so hard, I love you! If you tuned in last year I told you how we met ,so this year is our engagement story... It is good so you will want to read.

My birthday was May, 23 on a Thursday but I had to work, so Jarom told me he would take me out on Saturday to celebrate me turning 21. All He told me was to wear a swimsuit under my clothes and to bring a change of clothes for dinner. He picked me up at 5:00 AM and we started our long drive. He didn't tell me where we were going but the signs on the road saying to L.A., CA kind of gave it away. Now I knew we were going to California, but I still didn't know where exactly or why. Finally we pulled up to Long Beach where there was a ferry waiting to take us to Catalina Island. I thought are you serious(He went to a swing dance camp there and told me someday he would take me there because it was gorgeous). Now I was thinking what a great Birthday present. We had some time to kill before the ferry left, so we took a tour of THE QUEEN MARRY. We had fun exploring the ship and it was pretty cool. Waiting for the ferry to Catalina Island

When we arrived in Avalon the city in Catalina Island Jarom had made reservations for us to go snorkeling. When we had all our gear we went to the dock where we boarded a big yellow jet powered raft. We were out for 6 hours and stopped off at Two Harbors, a little town area down from Avalon. We saw tons of beautiful fish, seals, a Bald Eagle, flying fish, crabs, rock sharks and dolphins from a distance. We had such a blast.
Don't we look hot in those wet suits?
Me on the raft
Jarom on the raft
When the snorkel excursion was over we showered and changed into some dry clothes for dinner. We walked up the mountain to a spot on the cliff that over looked the city of Avalon and the ocean. It was breath taking. Jarom spread out a blanket and pulled out the food he brought (fish tacos, oysters, sparkling cider and plastic wine goblets). The fish needed to be warmed up, so he started a little fire for them. While we were waiting for them to warm up he plugged in his battery pack to Christmas lights that were wrapped in a tree (I didn't know it but he went there earlier that week to set all this up, find the perfect spot and put the lights in the tree). When the fish tacos were warm we tried to eat them, but they tasted nasty, so we threw them over the cliff.

Then some firefighters showed up in gear and with an axe and said they got a call that there was a fire on the Mountain. We said there is no fire it is just us and that maybe they saw the Christmas lights and thought it was a fire(oops, luckily Jarom had already put out the fire). They asked what we were drinking when they saw the Martinellie's and I said sparkling cider because it's my birthday. They said that's too bad, so they were cool about the whole thing. That was pretty funny.

After they left Jarom said he brought oysters and I had to try one (I hate sea food and he loves it, so he makes me try things). He said hold on I need to get the video camera to tape your reaction. I said O.K. When he was ready I tried to open the oyster but was having a difficult time(he super glued it shut). He told me to use a knife, so I tried shoving it in and twisting it open. After about five minutes I finally cracked it open looked inside and said Oh my gosh it's a ring! Jarom put the video camera down and paused for a moment, then said Jewly would you consider marring me? I looked at him and said YES. Then we hugged and kissed for a little while, but the ferry to take us back to Long Beach was leaving in 10 minutes, so we packed up everything and ran to the dock smiling the whole way. Then we rode the ferry back to our car and drove home.

This was us on the ferry home!

I was truly surprised and didn't know he was going to purpose until I started to open the oyster and couldn't, then I realized something was up. While trying to open it I could see something shiny inside and then I knew. Jarom is full of surprises for me and I love them. He is the best!