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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Time Out for Women 2012

Time Out for Women was so much fun. I Loved hanging out with the girls, staying up until 4:30 AM then waking up at 6:30 AM and staying up Sat until midnight(we got a little crazy towards the end). I Loved all the talks that were given and having my spirits lifted. I recommend time out to every Mother. While we were there one of the talks was about serving others, so we decided to take this one to heart and focus on service.
the 2012 group Nichole, Raina, Kim, me, Jamie and Kristie 
 Friday night
Erin Dahl was there (a friend from Tennessee)
  Mercy River sang on Saturday
 Our first good deed or act of service leaving money on the table at McAlisters.
After it was over we went shopping and bought purses, shoes, and jewelry
 Service for a lady in our ward making quiet books.

Lucas 21 Months

I LOVE this boy! He keeps me on my toes to say the least. He is 21 months now and weighs 26 pounds. He was diagnosed with asthma and has to do breathing treatments when he gets sick:( He is starting to talk more and tries to repeat what you tell him to say. He just can't make the "c or K" sound. Some of his favorite words are hello, people, honey, dig, bus, D. Rowe(a restaurant that gives you ice cream with the kids meal), I Love Cocoa(the neighbor dog). He Loves to help me clean and cook. He is a smart little man and figured out how to pull out the safety plugs and pulls off the door knob cover that are supposed to keep him from opening the door. I even super glued one on and he still pulled it off. Now I have duck tape over the knobs and it is working for now! He Loves to look at books and be read too. He still LOVES cheese. That is his favorite thing to eat. He is now sleeping in a toddler bed and doing very well at bedtime.
making brownies
 sweeping the floor
 climbed on top of his dresser
 He took his diaper off while he was sleeping (no he did not pee in the bed)
 climbing out of his crib
 eating a cheese stick
 plugged my curling iron in the living room while I was cleaning the bathroom
 here are the knobs that were on the pantry door
 so sweet
 loves to push the buttons on the stove
 poor baby needs help breathing
 getting into dads stuff
 he climbed to the top of this ladder and back down by himself
 cleaning the counters
 plugging the toaster in the living room
 helping me clean the chairs

Saige flipping at