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Jarom, Jewly, Saige, Savy, Lucas and Levi

Monday, June 23, 2014

Levi 10 Months

This little boy is so stinkin cute! He has 2 bottom teeth.

Photoshoot with Levi 9 months!

Yes there are a bunch of pictures, but he is just so cute.

9 Months!

Levi weighs 16.8 pounds and is 28 inches long. He still takes 3-4 cat naps during the day and goes to be around 10 PM. He Loves table food and is trying to give up the baby food. I keep sneaking a few bites in with his meals because I made a bunch. He learned to drink from a straw and Loves to drink water from a cup. He also learned to wave and clap his hands. He loves to bang toys together to make noise. He also has learned to pull himself up on anything he can. He now has 2 teeth on bottom. This month we took a trip to Arizona to visit family.