The Wingert Family

Jarom, Jewly, Saige, Savy, Lucas and Levi

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Father's Day

Usually on Mother's day and Father's Day we take pictures of the girls and us to see how they have grown and to help remember the special day. Since we were in AZ I forgot to take the picture of Jarom and his girls. These are pictures I took of them last Sunday. Better a few weeks late than never.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


That is right those parking spots are reserved for me. We are expecting baby #3 in January.
Let me fill you in with questions and answers.

1. Was this planned?
Heck no, we were starting to talk about having another baby, but waiting until August to start trying, so we would have a Summer baby, we would be moved and all settled in, the girls would be adjusted to the new place.

2. Are you wanting a boy or girl?
We both do not have a preference. We just want a healthy baby.

3. How are you feeling?
Tired! I have not been sick at all, just really tired and the past couple of weeks I get headaches almost everyday. It beats being nauseous and throwing up, so I am not complaining.

4. How did the girls react?
We have not told them yet. We are trying to wait until we know the sex of the baby. 9 months is a long time for a 3 and 5 year old to wait.

4. January really?
Honestly at first I freaked out. I felt January was the worst possible month for our family to welcome a new addition. Let me explain why
* Jarom will be taking his National Boards the end of January, so he will be studying Everyday, all day.
* Savannah's Birthday is January 14Th and baby is due the 15Th.
* We are moving the end of January(location still unknown, Jarom is just now starting to apply for a job). This one has me worked up the most. I get to pack 9 months pregnant and with a new born...

but then I read my friend Brook's blog who is also expecting and she made me realize it will all work out. Here is what she said that really helped me put things into perspective. "it must be the Lord's time and not my time in this instance. It was then that I learned a lesson. I began to feel like the Lord really has a distinct plan for us here on earth and at times it may not be what we think it is or at the time we think it should be but the Lord knows what each of us need and will bless us."
I am excited and even though I feel overwhelmed at times I know this baby is exactly what the Lord had in store for our family and I am grateful he is entrusting us to raise another one of his children here on Earth.

We will celebrate Savannah's Birthday a couple weeks early, so she still gets her special day and I have already had friends offer to help pack or watch the kids.
Now I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby.

Happy 4th of July on the 3rd.

This year we celebrated the 4Th on the 3rd since it was on Sunday. We had the Brooksby's and the Hale's over. We went swimming, grilled s hamburgers and hot dogs and ate watermelon, pasta salad, homemade salsa and chips and had strawberry angel food cake for desert. Then we played Bang! and Gonzaga, 2 new games that we haven't played before and they were both a lot of fun. Then we went to Cox park for the Collierville fireworks. This year the girls both enjoyed the show and were not afraid at all.
Here is Carie and Scott with Savannah
watching the fireworks

Saige eating some yummy kettle corn.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Best part of visiting AZ

If you ask Saige what is the best thing about going to AZ she will tell you grandma Olsen's dogs. She Loves Roxy and Ellie and tells everyone about them.
Getting to spend father's day and my dad's Birthday with him.
He turned 63 this year.

Getting to see Grandma Wingert, who just went through chemo and radiation and is now cancer free! It was nice to see her well.

Swimming in AZ!

AZ is HOT!!!, so we spent just about everyday in the pool. Grandpa Olsen bought a 3 foot deep pool for us to enjoy at their house. While we were there Aunt kristy worked with the girls on swimming and now they can both swim. They had the confidence in the little pool and then tried it in Kristy's pool.

Grandpa also bought a shade to keep the pool cool.
Swimming at Aunt kristy's house. Abbey and Saige jumping off the water fall.
Saige air born.
Savy air born.
Savy on cousin Ricky
Getting ready to jump

Here are some videos of the girls swimming and jumping in the pool.

Savannah's 1st Dance Recital.

In January Savannah began ballet lessons and had her end of the year performance at The Harrell Theatre in Collierville on June 5, 2010. She did a great job and really showed off her personality. In the video you will see Eva try to take the flowers from Savannah to put in her basket, but Savy wanted to put them in herself and wouldn't give them to her. That is how she has been since 10 months, she wants to do everything herself with out help.

Here she is getting ready to go on stage during dress rehearsal.

Here she is the night of the performance back stage with all the other dancers waiting for her turn. She is sitting on the chair. Here are the girls that were in her class this year.

Here she is with Grandma Olsen after the show.
Mom and Savy.
Isn't she so cute.
Here is the video of her 1st dance recital. Savy is on the far right.

Pony Camp!

Saige was invited to a Birthday Party at Pony Camp. A few months ago she asked me if she could take horse ridding lessons when she is 7. I said yes, 7 is a good age to start ridding horses. Well she had the opportunity to ride a horse and she said she loved it and still wants lessons.
Here is the first pony she got to ride. Isn't she adorable in that helmet!

Then she got to sit bare back on a big horse.
Here she is going for a ride.

Saige and the Birthday girl Sai. She got to ride both horses 3 times each.

They also had kittens to play with.
Here is a video of Saige ridding and Savy feeding a horse.