The Wingert Family

Jarom, Jewly, Saige, Savy, Lucas and Levi

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The blankey and Pacie

Savannah Loves her blanket and pacifier so much that she decided to take a bath with them. I went to get the girls their pj's and when I returned Savannah was in the tub with her blanket and pacifier. She climbed out and got them from the living room then went back into the tub. She is a little to attached. When I was in AZ I bought an extra purple blanket from Carters, so I had a back up for the night.

She also has learned how to climb into her crib to get her blanket and pacifier.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Random pictures of the girls.

Savannah at 18 months.
Saige needed her piture taken because I was taking Savannah's.

Saige talking to Aunt Kristy on the phone yesterday.

Saige and Savannah watching me make dinner.
Saige likes to boss people around with her finger out.
Savannah decided to through all of her rice and green beans on the floor.

Elders Quorum Party

The annual Elders Quorum BBQ and swim Party. Thank You Jamie and Eric for letting us invade your home and pool. We all had a great time.
Eric, Steve and Ladell watching the grill. Eric did a nice job grilling the hot dogs and hamburgers.

Savannah enjoying her ice cream cone.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


ABC'S I was tagged back in June, sorry I was in AZ, so here it is.

A. Attached or Single- Attached, to my husband of 6 years in August
B. Best Friend-My husband and Candy Keller(a friend in Anthem, AZ).
C. Cake or pie- Defiantly cake, I hate flaky pie crust.
D. Day- I don't have one right now. It will probably be Tuesday because that is Jarom's day off from school.
E. Essential item - the computer. It is my life link to my family and friends.
F. Favorite Color- pink
G. Gummy bear or worms- Worms, they aren't as hard to chew. I like the neon one's with the sugar coating.
H. Hometown- Mesa, AZ I was born and raised. Moved to Anthem, AZ 2 years after I got married.
I. Indulgences- Massages, back when I lived in AZ and had connections.
J. January or July- July, I hate the cold!
K. Kids - Saige 3, Savannah 18months)
L. Life would be incomplete without- Family
M. Marriage date- 08-08-02, coming up!
N. Number of siblings- 5 Kristy 33, Robby 31, Sandy 29, Amy 24, and Holly 20. I think I got all the ages right.
Oranges or apples- oranges
P. Phobias or fears- terrified of spiders
Q. Quote - I don't really have one.
R. Reason to smile- my family
S. Season- Spring, perfect weather to be outside.
T. Tag-Maren, Mikelle, Sarah B.
U. Unknown fact about me- This is my first time living in an apartment complex.
V. Vegan or oppressor- Oppressor. but I don't eat very much red meat.
W. Worst habit- yelling.
X. Xrays or ultrasounds- ultrasounds.
Y. Your favorite food- cookies, I eat them almost every day. I make cookie dough and freeze it, so I can have warm chocolate chip cookies when I want them.
Z. Zodiac Sign- Gemini

Friday, July 18, 2008

swim lessons

For the past 2 weeks Saige has been taking swim lessons. She did so good and got better with every class. Now it is up to me to keep her swimming. Her are some pictures and a video of our little swimmer.

The two Savannah's swimming.
diving under for a swim ring
Her class with the teacher

Monday, July 14, 2008

The sprinkler park

For play group we went to the W.C. Johnson Sprinkler Park in Collierville. Saige had a blast with her friends. Savannah was out there for a little bit then wanted to eat snacks the rest of the time.

Saige got a hair cut

I have been wanting to cut Saige's hair for a long time, but kept putting it off because I didn't really want to. Well I finally did it with help from Christine. I cut off over 4 1/2 inches. I was hoping it would make her hair look thicker and not be so wavy.
I think it also makes her look older and she thinks it is sassy. She loves it and I do to.

Hair Bows

While I was in AZ I went to the ribbon store (Rufflers Roost) and brought a few outfits with me to match. I got a little carried away and $58.00 later I left the store. Finally I had some time to make some bows and clips. I have to make more bows because of pig tails and 2 girls.
My ribbon stash

During the process
21 bows and 6 flower clips later. and I still have more to make.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Brooke tagged me a long time ago. Then Heather tagged me and I finally have some time to respond. Good thing they were the same.
How To Play This Game of Tag:
Post these rules on your blog.
List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog!
3 joys
1.My husband, he helps me so much with the girls, house work, and goes to work to support us financially. He is about to go back to school to better support us. He is a loving and caring man.
2.My girls, they are my life. I don't know what I would do with out them. They play so cute together(some times) and say the funniest things. I love watching them grow and learn new things everyday.
3.Scrap booking, My time to be creative and reflect on the things that are going on in my life. Looking at the pictures of my growing kids and all the fun we are having.
3 fears
1.Jarom going back to school. He isn't going to be around as much. Right now he only works 3 days a week, but is going to be going to school 5 days a week plus home work and study time.
2.Student loans, This is our first time taking out student loans. Our only debt is our van and house. Taking out more scares me.
3.Spiders, I don't like spiders. They are ugly and creep me out.
3 goals out 4-5 times a week. I did great for 7 weeks, then I went on vacation for 3 weeks and lost motivation.
2.Spend quality time with my girls, I feel like I don't play with them or teach them like I should be. I want to read to them everyday, do activities with Saige like color, paint, teach preschool skills. Only blog and clean while they are napping.
3.Go home for Christmas, I need to save money so we can afford to go to AZ for Christmas.
3. Current Obsessions
1.Breaking Dawn, I can't wait until the book comes out. I will be at the book store at midnight to get the book.
2.Grey's Anatomy, I started watching it the end of this season and loved it, so I am renting season 1 and watching it from the beginning. I will be busy for the next few weeks catching up on all the seasons.
3.Blogging, Let's face it I post everything that goes on in my life. and look at everyone Else's blog when I have free time. It is my first time living away from family and I don't want them to miss anything.
3 random surprising facts about my self
1.I love to snow board and wake board, last winter I got to go for the first time in 3 years(babies) it was like I never left. I had so much fun and did pretty awesome. I got up on my first time wake boarding, but haven't gone this summer since we don't live near a lake.
2.I color coordinate the hangers in my closet. All pants and skirts are hung on white hangers. My shirts are in order by color. I like to be organized.
3.I have no idea what tofu is made out of, and don't care to know because I will never eat it.
five people

Back to the Gym

Well it has been 4 weeks since I have worked out. I went to the gym today along with Val and Jamie and took kick boxing and yoga. WOW, I feel like it was my first time in a year. I can't believe how out of breath I was. Now I am getting back into my schedule of going 4-5 times a week. Tomorrow I will take pilates and zumba. Wish me luck that I will be able to do it and not be too sore tomorrow.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Rock Band at the Wingert's

Yes we had another Rock Band party only this time it was at our house, so not as cool as the theatre, but still fun. We had the Jonkman's, Wheatly's, Moore's, and Sparkman's over.
We had to test out the new T.V. with rock band. Looks much better than our old one.

Here is some video footage from the night.

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4Th of July!
We had a fun filled day that started off at the park with the Germantown ward breakfast. We ate delicious pancakes, eggs, and fruit.

Then the kids decided to feed the ducks some pancakes.
This is just a picture of the trees at the park. I love how green it is here.

Saige and Jenna Grace using the umbrella for shade.
Jarom gave all the little kids a ride around the park.
Thanks Brother Moore for the cool bike to ride.
Then we went swimming, played pool and BBQ ed at the Moore's house.

Then it was off to the fireworks show at the Germantown Municipal Park. They had bounce houses, train rides, rock walls, and crafts for the kids.
The girls on the train.

We met up with the Jonkman's to watch the fireworks. Jamie brought glow sticks for the kids.
Daddy and Saige before the show.
Mommy and Savannah before the show.

Savannah during....
Jenna Grace and Jamie....
And daddy and Saige during. Saige was afraid so she is hiding under her blanket.
Savannah thought they were pretty cool.
Here is a video of swimming and part of the show. We were right in front of them, so it was loud.